Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cold Busted!

We had a surprise visit from the Fire Marshall today at school!  I'd love to say this went well, but it did NOT!  Look, I understand that my cute little beach balls hanging from the ceiling were probably against the fire code.  Take one last look at my beach balls...cuz they're gone now!

I was in a 504 meeting when he popped into my room, but my student teacher was there to witness the shock of how he removed the beach balls.  Upon my return, the students started saying "OMG, look what they did to your beach balls!" "Yeah, and they took part of the ceiling down too!"  Of course, I thought they were exaggerating, but my student teacher confirmed that he just grabbed the balls and pulled them from the ceiling.  He pulled so hard that part of my ceiling tile broke.  The balls were attached to paper clips that were bent and I slid the paper clip into the ceiling tile.

Then, I had placed boxes (broken down) on top of my cabinet because I don't have ANY storage in my room...with the exception of TWO cabinets.  He just threw them on the floor of my classroom and left it. 
If you look close enough in the picture, you'll see the boxes on top of my cabinets.  

Keep in mind, this was ALL done with my students in the classroom! My teaching partner was trying to give an assessment to her class when he busted in and started ripping things off her cabinets & ceiling.

Call me crazy, but I think it would have been more appropriate and less disruptive to have simply noted the violations.  WOW...what a day!

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