Monday, September 9, 2013

Snowball Fight...even in TEXAS!

I know what you are thinking!  Snowing in Texas...NO WAY!  Believe it or not we're having a snowball fight.  Ok, so they aren't real snowballs. It's actually paper, but we are throwing them around the classroom.  The activity is called Snowball Fight and the kids LOVE it!!  Honestly, the activity could be used with ANY subject or content you are teaching.

We were discussing how reader's choose books.  I told the kiddos to come up with only one way they choose books (favorite author, genre, topic, series, ect...) and I gave each a piece of paper to write down that one idea.  Then I asked them to crumble up the paper. On my go, they are to throw the paper.  The kids keep picking up the paper and throwing it until I say STOP.  They find one piece of paper, open it and read their friend's response.  I ask them to add their idea, but it has to be different then what's on the paper.  So, if they happen to have the same thing, then the person who picked up the paper has to come with another idea.

We do this a couple of times and then we discuss as a group what they learned from their classmates.  This is usually when I create an anchor chart of their thoughts.

Here's a few pictures from our snowball fight...

Give it a try...the kids love it!
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