Monday, September 23, 2013

Class Management during small groups!

It always're at your small group table working with students and another student comes up to ask a question.  It doesn't matter that you've told the class "When I'm working with a student or group, please don't interrupt".  So, I'm trying something new this year!

This isn't my original idea because I'm just not that smart!  I've seen the first idea of the "push light" floating around Pinterest.  While shopping this summer, I saw this push light at the Dollar Tree.  I thought, why not?  So, I wrote "I'm busy" on top of the light and stick it in the middle of the table when I'm working with groups or individual students.  Yet, it still doesn't deter those "eager beavers" to come to the table.  However, I don't have to say anything to them...I just point to my push light. 

Here's a picture...

The next idea I've seen at just about every professional development I've attended.  It's called the "Parking Lot".  The only time I've actually used this in previous years was at Parent Orientation.  This year, I have many students who are having a hard time being independent.  Then there are those students who just have to ask a question, just to ask a question.  So, I created a poster on our plotter (poster's awesome!) and posted it to my door near my small group table.  The students write their question on a sticky note and "park" their question in the lot.  When I finish with my group or they are working independently for a few minutes, I'll answer the questions in the parking lot.  So far, so good!

Here's a picture...

Sorry, I made the picture REALLY big so you could read it!

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