Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently June!!!

Holy Cow...I made it this month!!!  I didn't forget!  It's June 1st and that means it's time to link up with Farley for her monthly addition of Currently!!

Listening: I'm really lucky to have a husband who is OCD and can't stand to keep a messy house.  YAY, me!

Loving: 3 1/2 more days with the kiddos...I can do this!!

Thinking: My to-do list is VERY long with things that I have to wrap up before I have to turn in my keys for the LAST time at my current school!  I'm opening a brand new school with former principal.  I'm sad to leave my current team because they are AWESOME, but excited for my new adventure.

Wanting: I'm lucky enough to currently work in a portable building, so that means I can go up anytime I want.  I've spent the last 4 weekends in my classroom packing and moving stuff home.  Sadly, I still have a little more packing/moving to do.

Needing: I need more energy!!  I just started Plexus...anyone else?  My friend swears by it and she told me that it gave her lots of energy.  I hope it starts kicking in sometime soon!

Bucket List: This is the 2nd year that I'll be meeting up with my girlfriend from college to spend 4 days at Crystal Beach (near Galveston).  I'm super's girls only (no husband or kids).  Next, I'm taking my daughters to Sea World in San Antonio. Again...girls only (little girls).  Sea World runs a special that offers a free Fun Card to certified Texas Teachers & this year they have a Preschool Fun Card for kids 3-5 for free.  Basically, I only have to pay for my oldest daughter...not a bad deal!  I think on our way to San Antonio, we are going to stop off at the Natural  Bridge Caverns because I've never been. Finally, the whole family is headed to Florida to see Mickey & Minnie!!!  We are going to spend 5 days in New Symrna Beach with my husband's family before heading to Disney.  We are excited!!

Until next time...

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  1. Happy Last Week of School! That has to be one of the busiest weeks of that whole school year, but it's so worth it come Friday! How much fun to be going to a new school. My principal will be doing the same thing the next school year.

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  2. It's my last week too! Sounds like an exciting adventure for you next year! Hope you get everything moved soon so you can enjoy your summer, sounds like you have lots of fun things planned! Glad I found your blog :)