Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently March

Wow! It's the first of the month and time to link up with Farley @ Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: I missed one of my favorite shows! I have to catch up!

Loving: 1 more week until Spring Break...Nuf said!

Thinking: Really? We have Open House the Thursday before Spring Break. Also, our school was so lucky to be picked to participate in our state's writing field test. Yes, a "practice" test one month before they have to take the writing test that actually counts. Brilliant!

Wanting: I need more hours in the day! I'm so far behind that I'm neglecting lots of things my blog!

Needing: To Spring clean my classroom before Thursday, but I can't start until after the field test on Monday. Plus, I need to organize the girls clothes from Winter to Spring. 

?????: The answer is IPad, coffee, and Mr. Sketch. What's the question?

Until the next time...


  1. Always need more hours in the day!! Here's my guess to your answer… Is it: "Things that are sitting on my table." Happy Spring Cleaning!

  2. I guess, things you can't live without? Also, I can't believe your spring break is so early! Ours isn't until the week after Easter.


  3. I am counting down until spring break also! My kiddos have a serious case of spring fever! I think your question is "What are my favorite things?" I hope that you are able to get everything on your list done! Happy Spring Break!
    The Blessed Teacher

    1. My students have had spring fever for some time now!!! And yes, you guessed it...can't live without these things!

  4. What are things I can't live without?
    Dang...I missed SVU too. I think I've seen every episode, except for the one with Joan Cusak...the commercial freaked me out beyond belief!
    This Little Piggy Reads

    1. Yep, you guessed it! SVU was good...80's flashback with guest star Jonathan Silverman. You know, Weekend @ Bernie's.

  5. OMG! I just found your blog on Farley's Linky.
    Our fourth graders have field testing next week too=( Good luck!
    Is your question~ What are my favorite teachery things?
    TGIF-Third Grade Is Fun

    1. You are close...things I can't live without. I even have a coffee pot in my classroom. No, I'm not looking forward to administering a STAAR exam for 5 days this year!

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