Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm a little late, but it's CURRENTLY...August!

Ok, so I'm a little late on this one!  It's the 1st and time to link up with Farley @ Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently!

Here we go...

LOVING: Yes, I'm still on vacation, but NOT for long!!!  

THINKING: We return on the 19th and I really need to stop procrastinating.  I haven't stepped foot in a teacher supply store OR my classroom yet.  I do have a good excuse for not going up to school. They haven't finished cleaning the portable buildings (where I teach) and they probably won't be ready until tomorrow.

WANTING: I really could use another month off to get my growing to do list done.  Talk about major procrastination this summer.  I've waited until 18 days before I return to school to schedule 3 kids to see the pediatrician, dentist & orthodontist (only the teenager seeing the ortho...good bye college tuition!)  I haven't even scheduled my dentist & eye appointment yet.

NEEDING:  I seriously need my haircut and highlighted.  My mother was right, once you start coloring your hair you can't ever stop....and here I am 20+ years later pretending I'm a blonde.  What I need most is a new hair style.  What do you think of this?

Cute, right?! If I can't have Heidi Klum's body, I'll take her hairstyle!

B2S MUST HAVES:  Every year I start off with a fresh box of Mr. Sketch Markers.  I LOVE Mr. Sketch!!!  I tell my students that they are welcome to use anything in the classroom EXCEPT...Mr. Sketch!  I'll cut you if you touch my Mr. Sketch. Ok, not really! Also, I'm old school and use the Target Dollar Spot Lesson Plan book.  Actually, we type our lessons and I use the book just to jot down the main objectives. Finally, I have to start off the year with some new colorful gel pens.  Who doesn't love gel pens?

Until next time...

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  1. I need my hair done before school starts, too! My Mom also used to tell me that. She never let me get my hair highlighted until I was in college and could pay for it myself. I haven't stopped since! I also have to have Mr. Sketch markers. They are my favorite!

    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

    1. Well, I was lucky that my mom colored her hair and understood my desire to stay blonde,but I wish she was still paying for it. $175 for cut & color...yikes!

  2. I love that cut and think it would be a great choice! I thought about putting down my hair as a "needing" too. I'm waiting until closer to the the start of the school year because the sun just fades it away.It seems like summer is full of appointments and all that busy stuff makes it go by too fast. Here's to a long-lasting 18 days!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. I love that everyone gets their b2s 'do before the start of another school year. Super excited to find and follow another reading teacher.

    Oh! And totally get that haircut. It's awesome...I too, wish I could be as fabulous as Heidi Klum :)

    The Rungs of Reading

    1. Thanks! I actually have an appointment next Thursday for my back to school cut & highlight. I'll post some pictures when it's long as it looks good!